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Singapore Orchid, 17 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2RB



Welcome to the official site of Singapore Orchid, Surrey, Coulsdon! The Singapore Orchid restaurant is owned by Ananda Chua, a Singaporean herself, and an experienced and successful restaurateur with over 30 years experience in owning and running restaurants in both London and Singapore.

She produces authentic Singaporean food, including some of the famed "Street Food of Singapore" available in the Hawker Centres of that country as well as the renowned and loved dishes from Chinese cuisine.

Singapore Orchid takes great pride in the authenticity of our food. We strive to provide a genuine Singaporean food experience to all our customers. Ananda personally creates the menu, designs the recipes and does a lot of the cooking herself. This ensures the authenticity of the dishes and the use of the correct ingredients so that the eating experience includes sight and smell as well as taste.